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IntelliGIS - Editing

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IntelliGIS provides a flexible data editing environment that gives users a full range of spatial and attribute editing tools for feature manipulation.

IntelliGIS editing features include:

Editing tools work on any point, line or polygon feature dataset.
Full editing support for ESRI Shapefiles, SDE and ArcSDE layers.
Custom designed attribute capture forms (edit boxes, check boxes, drop down lists etc.).
Table view, sorting and statistics for easy attribute editing.
Complex feature vertex snapping through multiple themes.
Advanced feature vertex manipulation (insert, delete and move the constituent vertices of features).
Shape operators such as split, union, buffer, buffer-erase, intersection & spatial overlay.
Advanced Topology which ensures that features meet various topology requirements such as no overlapping polygons, polygons clipped on the fly, lines intersected on the fly etc.
Full support for editing in any projection or coordinate system (on the fly).
Link to external databases and integrate customized extensions.
Advanced ‘undo’ and rollback functionality.
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Standard Editing Tools
Add Feature - to point, line or polygon theme
Insert Feature - Clips any underlying features and adds a new feature to a selected polygon theme.
Add Feature by Tracing - Adds a new feature by tracing over "snapping points" from the same or other selected "snapping" themes.
Add Feature by Coordinates - Add a new feature to a selected point, line or polygon theme by entering the vertice co-ordinates.
Query / Edit Feature Attributes - Edit the attributes of the selected feature.
Delete Feature - Delete a selected feature from the current theme.
Move Feature - Move (adjust the spatial location) of the selected feature in the current theme.
Add Feature Ellipse - Add a new ellipse feature to a selected polygon theme.
Add Feature Circle - Add a new circle feature to a selected polygon theme.
Add Feature Rectangle - Add a new rectangle feature to a selected polygon theme.
Oops - Undo the last edit operation. IntelliGIS maintains a record of all edits done within a session. The "oops" button allows users to undo any previous edit operation.

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Advanced Editing Tools  
Grow Feature - Grow a polygon feature by defining a polygon to merge with the feature
Geometric Difference - Calculate the geometric difference between selected features.
Shrink Feature - Shrink or reduce a polygon feature by defining a polygon to clip out of the feature.
Add/Insert Feature Coordinate - Add or insert a new feature coordinate (the vertices that make up the feature) into a selected feature(s).
Split Feature - Split a line or polygon feature along a defined (multi-point) line.
Edit Feature Coordinate - Edit a feature coordinate by entering new (X;Y) coordinate information for the vertex.
Split Feature using Theme - Split a line or polygon feature using the selected features in an alternate theme.
Delete Feature Coordinate - Delete a selected feature coordinate from a selected feature(s).
Merge Features - Merge selected features into a single feature (dissolving common edges/points if they exist).
Move Feature Coordinate - Move a selected feature coordinate to an alternate location (snapping enabled).
Break Apart Features - Break multi-part features into their single part constituent features.
Spatial Overlay - Transfer attributes from features between themes using a variety of spatial overlay techniques.
Buffer Feature - Bufffer a feature by an entered distance.
Clip Feature using Theme - Clip a selected feature so that it does not overlap features in another theme or clip a selected feature so that it only overlaps features in another theme.
Reverse Buffer Feature - Ensure that a selected feature is seperated from other features by an entered distance.
Clip Features - Clip a selected feature so that it does not overlap existing features. This calculation can be done "on the fly", however this tool is useful for cleaning dirty data.
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