Online Product Registration
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Online Product Registration

If you have downloaded an evaluation version or have installed a new instance of one of Information Software Systems' products, then these products can be registered online by following three easy steps:

1. Install the Software
If you have not already installed the software, complete the installation procedure by running the setup.exe file located in the installation folder. All of ISS' products can be installed through a very user friendly installation interface.
2. Email Information Software Systems
By following the link below, you can send an email to ISS with various information related to your installation. The email that you send to us should contain the following information:
Product (IntelliGIS, Clarke/WGS Converter etc.)
No. of Licenses Required
Company Name
Company Address
Company Contact Details
User Name (Installation Point)
User Contact Details
Serial Number
Previous Serial Number (If doing an upgrade or reinstallation)
On receipt of your email an ISS representative will contact you to confirm payment for the installed product. Once payment has been confirmed, ISS will email the registration license codes for your installation back to you. The serial number can be found under the Help->Register menu item in all of ISS' products. If you require more than one license, please indicate this on your email either by supplying the quantity of licenses required or the individual serial numbers for each of the installations.
Email Information Software Systems
3. License your Software
Once you have received your registration license code, the product can be licensed by entering the code into the product registration form (found under the Help->Register menu item). By licensing your software you ensure that you are eligable for a years worth of support and free upgrades to the product. After this period, an annual maintenance fee can be paid to continue the service.
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