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A geographic information system (GIS) uses computers and software to leverage the fundamental principle of geography ie. that location is important in people's lives. GIS links geographic information (where things are) with descriptive information (what things are like) so that you can ask questions like "where?", "how?" and "why?," all with the location information on hand.

If you flipped on a light switch today, chances are a GIS helped make sure the electricity was there to light up the room. If you drove down the highway today, chances are a GIS managed the signs and streets along the way. If you bought fresh vegetables today, chances are a GIS helped manage the land needed for the crop.

Whether you use GIS technology yourself or see its impacts indirectly, it is a technology at work today to make your world better.

What has made Information Software Systems (ISS) a leader in the GIS industry for the past 5 years? It is ISS’s rare combination of vision, business skills, honesty and focus on its customers.


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Mondi Forests

Durban Metro

Department of Transitional Local & Government Affairs

Umgeni Water

Durban Water

Durban Waste Water

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