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Over the last couple of years GIS technology has undergone radical changes. These changes have added considerable value to businesses due to:

  • the integration of GIS with conventional business systems
  • the distribution of GIS via client server technology
  • the storage of spatial data in conventional relational databases such as Oracle, SQL, DB2 ...
  • the ability to customize GIS according to various business requirements
  • the use of GIS as a tool for the every day business process
  • the simplification of GIS for unskilled users
  • the reduction in the cost of purchasing and setting up a GIS system
  • the streamlining of business processes and decision making.

Although GIS technology has evolved allowing customization and integration with conventional business systems, few GIS companies possess the range of Business Information System, Information Technology, GIS and Project Management skills required to successfully integrate GIS with business. The Information Software Systems team is a group of highly competent professionals with the essential blend of skills to provide your organisation with service, solutions and results to meet your GIS expectations.

Conventional GIS products are generally rigid, making a fully customized solution difficult. For this reason, Information Software Systems have developed their very own range of GIS software (based on ESRI technology) that can be fully customized according to the needs of the client. This however does not preclude the use of conventional products where obviously needed.


Affordable GIS  
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Much more than a specialized offering for a small niche of GIS specialists, Information Software Systems products are designed so that they can be deployed in every organization, from an individual desktop to a globally distributed network of people. Strong visualization, editing, analysis and customizable interfaces distinguish Information Software Systems products as leading GIS solutions. Developed in the USA, Information Software Systems products are priced extremely competitively and are protected from the heavy exchange rates that importers of conventional GIS products are subject to.


The ESRI Angle  
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Over the last 33 years, ESRI has established itself as the world leader in GIS technology. ESRI's focus remains on producing excellent software and delivering exceptional service to users. For this reason, Information Software Systems have aligned themselves to the ESRI range of products and technology. Information Software Systems remain in close contact with ESRI to keep abreast of the latest developments.

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