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IntelliGIS features an extensible software architecture that delivers a scalable platform for GIS computing. This new architecture works as a series of ‘plug-in’ modules that can be mixed and matched to dramatically extend the functional capabilities of IntelliGIS. The new extension architecture for IntelliGIS provides an exceptionally flexible environment that gives users the means to create customized interfaces, tools, links to corporate databases, maps and reports for their spatial and associated attribute information.

One of IntelliGIS’s extension architecture features is the ability to interface with Windows Library files (DLLs). These library files can be developed in common desktop programming environments such as Delphi, Visual C++ or Visual Basic. This adds the wealth of functionality that these packages offer (such as database integration, numeric processing and GUI design) to IntelliGIS.

Information Software Systems has developed numerous customized extensions for organizations that require a custom GUI to their GIS database. Using native database drivers for Oracle, SQL Server, Access and IBM DB2 databases these extensions integrate a set of performance orientated tools for accessing spatial and database information with IntelliGIS’s GIS functionality.